A Wynter's Tale

"As the Rev. Robert Wynter of Penderyn, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the county of Brecon, was returning from Aberystwith, late in the evening of the 22nd inst., when within a short distance of Rhayadar, his pony was startled by a rustling in the hedge, and immediately afterwards Mr W was fired at but happily without effect. Previously to this daring attempt, and within a short distance from the spot, the Rev. Gentleman overtook a horse, saddled and bridled, but without a rider, and it is conjectured that this was a scheme by the villain to delay the unwary traveller to make more sure of the victim. We have been requested to give publicity to this circumstance, as a caution to individuals not to travel after night in that part of the country without fire-arms."

The Cambrian 6th August, 1825.