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Jenkin Howell Miscellanea (contd.1)

Jenkin Howell Miscellanea (contd.)

The story of Hirwaun Common would not be complete in the eyes of the old local residents if it did not relate the story of Twm Emwnt and his race. Didn’t Tomos run and win a three mile race on Hirwaun Common in a very good time? And isn’t that race talked about to this day because Tom’s victory resulted in the men of Dyffryn Taf winning dozens of pigs, mountain cobs and countless pound notes from the men of Dyffryn Cynon?

Jenkin Howell Miscellanea

Jenkin Howell Miscellanea


PENDERYN - the meaning of the place-name
Early forms :-
Pennyderyn 1291 CCRV 338. Arch. Melville Richards
Penderin 1372 CCPM.xiii.140. ibid.
Penyderyn 1468 BMW iii.594.RWM i.918.ibid.
Penyderen 1503 Place-Names of Devynock Hundred.
parish of Penderyn 1515 1448 DP ibid.
Penyderyn 1535 VE 402 ibid.
parish of Pendryn(sic) 1546 DP ibid.
Parish of Pennyderyn 1547 MWBM ibid.
Penderyn. 1553 HPP 52
parish of Penderin 1567 HPP 52.


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